HOT Rebate ~ $10 rebate when you buy 10 Kelloggs/Keebler items

Receive a $10 rebate check and a $70 Dell Coupon Code when you purchase any 10 participating Kellogg’s/Keebler products. Requires completed form, original UPCs and original receipt dated between 07/06/09 and 09/30/09. Limit 1 per household or address. Request must be postmarked by 09/30/09.

Link to rebate form (pdf)

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  1. LOVE the new format. Thanks for the rebate form.

    Just a quick note if you want to get rid of the blogger search bar at the top of your blog (I use blogger and LOVE them and always link back to them, but it's still nice to get rid of the bar at the top!)…

    Simply paste this code:

    #navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

    Right ABOVE this:

    /* Variable definitions====================

    Works like a charm!! 🙂

  2. Is there a search box somewhere that I just can't find?

    A friend told me that she found out about the Cinemark movie summer pass here. I'd like more details but I was unable to find any at the Cinemark website and wondered if there was any info here.


  3. ok, never mind. I just read the comment here, and found the search box up at the top. I was looking in the blog itself. Goodness! talk about blind

  4. I can't seem to open the form. A pop-up always shows up saying: "A drawing eror has occured." ???

  5. I got the error as well but just left it loading and it eventually came up. Check the PYP thread as there are some other suggestions on things to try.

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