How to Organize Your Coupons

Most beginning couponers want ideas for organizing and storing their coupons. This video demonstrates a variety of ways that can work for all schedules and couponing styles.

If you cannot view the video in the screen below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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  1. As usual, leave any comments here.

  2. Thanks Leggs. I enjoyed your video. I think it is time for me to take a step up and get a coupon binder. It is something I have been considering for awhile now, and after watching your video I think I will do it!

  3. Hey, thanks Janae! What a nice thing of you to say! I’ve been asked to be a little more specific about the coupon binder, so maybe I’ll do a video on the binder specifically.

  4. great job

  5. Just started with your blog. The videos will not play in my Firefox Browser. Do I have to change some settings?

  6. Claudia,

    I don’t know. I’ll look into it.

  7. @Claudia: I googled your problem, and the only advice I could find was that one should disable one’s firewalls. It doesn’t appear to be an extremely common problem.

  8. Hi, I’m new to PYP and I loved the video about the price book, but the videos about “Organizing Your Coupons” and “Manufacturers Coupons” are not there. When I look at the blog it shows your introductory statement and then a big blank space. Am I doing something wrong? I would love to watch them. Thanks a lot!!!

  9. @Netti and Claudia: I don’t know what causes the problem, but I’m going to go back and edit these posts to contain direct links to the YouTube videos themselves. That way, all you have to do is click over to YouTube and you can watch them there.

  10. Thanks!!!!

  11. One more tip…when clipping multiple coupons you can staple them together and that way they stay together and then if you just need to use one, you can take it off. Don’t staple it near the bar code though.

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