The Busy Couponer

The Busy Couponer: You’re carefully trying to balance the value of your dollars with the value of your minutes, and you may not have time to get every single deal. You’re looking for the greatest maximum return on your effort and money, and you’re selective about which deals you’ll pursue and which stores you’ll shop at, based on how much time you’re willing to invest. Maybe you’re a working parent with three little kids, or a SAHP who’s chauffeuring your prodigies to a variety of events, practices, and after-school activities. Either way, your time is worth at least as much as your money, and you need to get the maximum bang out of both.

Why You Love PYP: PYP’s detailed shopping lists let you cherry-pick which one or two stores have the deals that will be most worth your time and effort each week. The star ratings let you know easily what sales are good deals. You also enjoy the PYP discussion forums so that you can find out how well a deal is working or how much stock the store has left before you use your valuable time driving out there. You may enjoy PYP’s trading forums because they let you get the coupons you need with the least amount of effort, and you also like the convenience of the coupon subscriptions PYP has arranged.

Because you’re looking for convenient savings in all areas of your life, you also love the Screaming Deals Online forum, which helps you buy clothing and presents cheaply and efficiently from your computer.

What You Bring to PYP: You typically have a clear couponing focus, and you’ve developed good techniques and methods that help you meet that focus. You often have ideas that help streamline the couponing process, and other couponers benefit from learning about them. You also tend to see the “larger couponing picture,” and you’re a good example of how couponing fits into a balanced life of efficiency and frugality.

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