The New Couponer

The New Couponer: You’re just beginning to explore couponing, perhaps encouraged by the rising grocery prices and tough economic developments. You may have a friend or neighbor who always seems to be saving a ton of money at the grocery store, and she or he referred you to PYP. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed (don’t worry, we all did!), but you’re excited at the prospect of slashing your grocery bill.

Why You Love PYP: You love the clearly formatted shopping lists, which help you make sense of the many different store promotions that you may not even have known existed, and which may still seem a little confusing. You love the PYP community, which is full of people who are willing and eager to answer your “newbie” questions. You may also like the video tutorials on this blog. Because you may not have been collecting coupons very long, you might enjoy the trading forum where you can trade coupons you do have for those you don’t.

While you’re learning to save on your groceries, you also enjoy the Screaming Deals Online forum, which will also help you to save on categories like gifts, clothes, toys, and books.

Last but not least, enjoy the PYP community! The action, support, and advice here is endless.

What You Bring to PYP: Because PYP is such an active community, we discuss almost everything, so chances are that whatever you’re good at, someone on here would benefit from your experience. We also love your excitement. And of course, eveyone on PYP is always ready to make a new friend. Welcome!

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