Thomas the Tank Engine – $1.99 w/ FREE shipping!

On the Learning Curve website you can get a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine for jsut $1.99 shipped. This is a great price on one of the most popular toys around.

Super hot deal! While supplies last so don’t wait if you want one.

Link to Thomas for $1.99

ALERT!!! It seems other things ship free if you buy the Thomas! Check out Toby who is also $1.99 and the Old Slow Coach for $6.99!!!


  1. The shipping isn't coming off. It says there is a code we have to type in. Any suggestions?

  2. I did it, and it worked just fine (although it took FOREVER).

  3. The website appears to have some serious problems right now. Hope it gets better this afternoon

  4. I got it just fine! Thanks!! My son just got a wooden train set so this will work great!! Can't beat a $1.99-great price!!

    (Alleman family-the site was done-try again now-make sure that the bubble for standard shipping is checked and it should be free-if not call them!!)

  5. I think they've added a shipping charge. I paid $2.95 to ship two trains.

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