ToysRUs/BabiesRUs 10/10-10/12 – Buy 2 boxes of Pampers diapers (in store only) and get a $15 gift card.

At ToysRUs and BabiesRUs stores, purchase two boxes of Pampers and get a $15 ToysRUs/BabiesRUs gift card FREE! In-store only, not available online.
You may be able to use this coupon when purchasing one of the boxes: $5.00/1 box of Pampers. Coupon says “one per guest.”
If you find out the price on these boxes, please post and let everyone know!


  1. The boxes I got were $40.99 to begin with. Then they took $5 off each box with the printable coupon, and gave me the $15 gift card.

  2. Pampers prices:

    $41.99 for 252 size 1 baby dry
    41.99 for 228 size 2 baby dry
    40.99 for 160 size 3 cruisers
    40.99 for 140 size 4 cruisers
    40.99 for 124 size 5 cruisers
    40.99 for 100 size 6 cruisers

    For size 4 it's 81.98 for 280 diapers minus $25 ($15 gift card and $5 off each box) so it comes to 20.3 cents a diaper…not a great deal (especially with cheap huggies at Walgreens this week and cheap store brand at Kroger with a $3 off coupon available in the grocery coupons section of their website).

    For the size 1 swaddlers it was 24.99 a box, but I don't remember if the quantity was big enough to qualify…sorry! Might be worth checking if you have a baby in size 1, they'd be about 13 cents a diaper if they qualify.

    Also, they have a Buy 9 boxes, get 1 free on Huggies and Pampers if you're part of the card club (you can sign up in store).

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