Rite Aid rebates really are a beautiful thing (no pun intended!).

I spent $17.96 plus tax and will get back $17.96 at the end of the month!

Rite Aid rebates really are EASY!!! Did I mention that next week’s ad has a HUGE moneymaker??!!

Did anyone else notice the Mother’s Cookies hiding in the back?? They were on clearance and I got them for a nickel. Note to self: these are for snacks and school lunches for the kids. DO NOT OPEN AND EAT HALF THE BAG YOURSELF!

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  1. The Rite Aid rebates are very easy to do. I just enter my receipts when I get home and then submit them at the end of the month. They then send me a check for the full amount. If I have to send something in regular mail, I always lose them or forget. This is very easy, even for those of us who are unorganized.


  2. I am so bummed Cache Valley doesn’t have a Rite Aid. If I remember correctly, we used to. I wonder if we’ll ever get one of ‘those’ stores again…CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. Until then, I will just look at the amazing deals you guys all get and wish I was close to one.

    Thanks for the blog!

  3. Just wish all the rebate stores would do theirs online. Walgreen’s makes me crazy–having to send them in and then not having a receipt when I had to do an exchange. Arggg.

    Rite Aid’s online version is great.


  4. Just went and did the deal today! I am hooked. Thanks for sharing!

  5. fotoshauna, Walgreens just changed over to online submission! If you haven’t sent your April rebate in yet, try it and save a stamp/envie and a lot of time! It is just as easy as RA!

  6. Why oh why cant we have a Rite Aid and Walgreens in Logan?

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