Valassis pulling all RedPlum inserts from Utah newspapers!

Grocery coupons found in newspaper inserts have become an important money saving tool for Utah consumers. Many Utah families are surviving these tough economic times because of increased coupon use. In August, Utah consumers will lose half of these coupons when Red Plum coupon insert distribution is discontinued in the Utah market. Valassis Communications, publisher of the Red Plum coupon insert, has opted to distribute the coupons by mail. The problem for Utah consumers is that the direct mailing will be in targeted areas only. There are many coupon users who do not live in these targeted areas and will not be receiving the coupons. These mailings will also be limited to one insert per household. Many coupon shoppers currently purchase more than one Sunday newspaper to obtain more than one copy of the money saving coupon inserts. This provides Utah consumers with increased purchasing power and an effective way to combat the economic stress.

Join us in telling Valassis Communications “Don’t cut my coupons!

Spread the word about this story! Get your friends and family involved. Forward the link to this page, blog about it, post it on your Facebook profile, Tweet it, whatever it takes to get the word out. We can make a difference and keep our coupons. Consumer influence has worked in other coupon markets. Let Valassis know that we don’t want them to cut our coupons! On, you can contact companies that advertise with Valassis and let them know that you are not happy about this change. We’ve made a list of advertisers to make it easier for everyone to express their opinion.

Visit us at and make your voice heard!

Also, please sign our Online Petition against this action!

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  1. It won't let me post a comment…it says error???

  2. Yes, it appears our sample letter is too long for their submission form. Shorten it up a bit and it'll go through. We'll get that changed on the page very soon.

  3. Is there a way we can contact the newspapers to let them know they might loose business (sell fewer newspapers)? The only reason I'm subscribing right now is the coupons. If I can't recover the cost of the subscription with coupons, I will stop my subscription.

  4. Damon, we just added newspaper contact info as well.

  5. You need to copy and paste the short version of the letter. Mine worked just fine!

  6. The Daily Herald will still have them in it. It will be the only newspaper in Utah that will have the RedPlum inserts.

  7. I received an email from Daily Herald saying that they will be keeping them. YAY for the Daily Herald!

  8. I received an email from the standard examiner saying sorry but they have no control they will not be included.

  9. That is correct… the Standard has no control over Red Plum pulling the coupons. They are as upset about it as we are. They make money off the coupons as well.

  10. Shelley,

    Thank you for your thoughtful post and for encouraging your readers to become actively engaged in the savings process. We completely agree it is very important to help educate your Utah readers about this change in distribution and wanted to take the opportunity to provide some additional details.

    Recently in select markets, Valassis has begun delivering its RedPlum coupon book through the mail for free along with weekly grocery circulars, making it easier than ever to match savings with your grocery (or other shopping) list. In addition, we’re bringing coupons and savings directly to more households than ever before.

    We encourage you and your readers to visit, where you can quickly find out exactly how you will receive your RedPlum coupon book. Whether in the mailbox, newspaper, on your doorstep, online or in your local stores, RedPlum remains committed to delivering relevant offers, savings and deals to the broadest range of consumers.

    Lisa Reynolds, Valassis Vice President of Consumer Engagement

  11. Lisa,
    I encourage you to look into one large part of our area that will be almost completely missed by these mailings. The area in Northern Utah that was serviced by the Logan Herald Journal will be almost entirely missed by the mailings. There are thousands of coupon users in this area. (It is where we started our website and coupon using/money saving program.) Our local stores have some of the highest coupon redemption rates in their regions. I encourage you to take another look at the greater Logan, Utah area and reevaluate the decision to leave us without coupons.

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