While Most Disneyland Ticket Prices Are Rising, Ours Are Falling!

Get Away Today is excited to announce that while most prices for Disneyland® Resort Tickets are rising, ours are actually decreasing. In fact, instead of raising our prices through the rest of the year, we just lowered them! Check out our prices to see how much you can save on your 3-Day or longer Adult and Child (ages 3-9) Disneyland® Resort Park Hopper® Bonus Tickets:

Gate Price Our Old Price Our NEW Price Savings
2-Day $151/Adult $131/Child $143/Adult $123/Child $143/Adult $123/Child
3-Day $204/Adult $174/Child $179/Adult $149/Child $174/Adult $144/Child
4-Day $229/Adult $199/Child $194/Adult $164/Child $189/Adult $159/Child
5-Day $249/Adult $219/Child $204/Adult $174/Child $199/Adult $169/Child
6-Day $254/Adult $214/Child $209/Adult $179/Child $204/Adult $174/Child

When you purchase your discount Disneyland® Resort Tickets through Get Away Today, you get the best price, guaranteed! Buy your Disneyland® Resort tickets now!

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  1. These are good prices for Disneyland only.

    Just FYI…at your local Costco you can get a Southern California City Pass. It includes a 3-day park hopper to Disneyland/California Adventure, 1-day to Seaworld, 1-day to San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park and 1-day to Universal Studios. All for only $227/adult or $192 child. Good until January 4, 2010. You get 14 days to use all these. That's only a difference of $53/adult and $48/child more than the GAT prices for just Disneyland. If you are wanting to see the other attractions definitely check out Costco.

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