When to Buy – Your Monthly Guide to Finding the Best Deals!


There are certain times of the year that are better to purchase specific items to save the most money. You’re more likely to find these items on sale or in the clearance section. Hopefully this guideline will give you somewhat of an idea of when to buy specific items.

January – Christmas Decorations, bedding, toys, small appliances, carpet, home improvement stuff, exercise stuff

February – Winter Clothing, jewlery, furniture, Valentines Day clearance, tv’s, bikes

March – Gardening supplies, AC units, winter items, snow blowers, golf clubs, luggage, wedding gifts

April – wedding dress, cruises, vacuums

May – Party supplies, sports apparel

June – Father’s Day gifts, camping gear, tv’s, tools, gym, boxed gift sets

July – School Supplies, summer clothing clearance items, summer toys, furniture

August – Back to school deals, school supplies, swimsuits, grills, pool toys, lunch food items

September – garden items, lawn mowers, winter clothing, Halloween costumes, holiday travel (airfare)

October – cars, patio furniture, appliances, toys, baking goods

November- appliances, electronics, toys, tv’s

December – wrapping paper appliances, holiday gifts, Christmas cards

Keep your eye on the clearance departments. You should also be able to find some great deals on holiday decor and items after the holiday has pasted (Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc). They’ll usually start at 30% off and go up from there. Each store is different but typically you’ll find then 50% off, 75% off and even 90% off. Plus don’t forget you can usually use coupons on top of discounts and clearance items so always double check for one.

Can you Make Money by Playing Online Games?

Online games are more accessible than ever today. The smartphone, which is a pocket-sized computer with strong hardware and broadband internet connection, offers you amazing possibilities to be entertained at home, or even on the move. Among them, an ever increasing offer of real money online games, promising high-quality online entertainment and a shot at being rich. But does this type of gaming serve as a reliable, viable method to round up your monthly budget?

Paid online entertainment

Real money online gaming – as its name suggests – is a form of online entertainment. A very specific form, to be fair, that appeals to a large number of players online. But it has its risks, too. First and foremost, it only gives players the chance to win, not the guarantee. This means that, if you commit $20 to your gaming needs in a month, you may end up winning $100, or even more… but you may end up losing it all. There is only one thing that you are sure to get: entertainment.

Games of chance

The Royal Vegas Australia is one of the best-known, most popular gaming destinations out there, with an amazing variety of games. You could play Royal Vegas Australia online pokies for two years in a row, trying a new game each day, and never running out of new ones to try. Pokies are games of pure chance, with nothing but probability influencing their outcome. Pokies are perhaps the most entertaining games at the Royal Vegas, but when it comes to money making, they are not the most reliable. Although they often have some very attractive bonuses and promotions, pokies are games that you should only play for fun.

Games of skill

Most online gamers agree that, although they are mostly built on games of chance, real money online gaming destinations do have some games that are based less on chance, and more on skill. One of them is blackjack, available in several versions at the Royal Vegas. Blackjack does have a strong element of chance to it, which makes it fit for real money online gaming destinations. But it also offers players the possibility to decide on what actions to take at different moments, which makes it a game of skill at the same time.

Using the right strategies can turn blackjack into a profitable game – in the long run, that is. But don’t expect massive wins, but only a slow trickle of cash toward your bank account.

Online games are first and foremost meant to entertain – and they should be treated as such. Most of them are not a reliable way to make money, while some others may make you some extra cash – but not in amounts for you to rely on it as your main source of income.

4 Things that You Should Always Buy Used

4 things to buy used

If you like to save money (and I know you do) then you probably know that some things are better purchased used.  Many items, like those listed below are better bought used simply because it is a waste of money to buy them new.

Books.  Books read the same way regardless if they are used or brand new.  Of course you need to find them in good shape (not missing any pages, etc), but you will be able to buy them for pennies on the dollar when they are used.  Hit up Goodwill or other thrift store or even yard sales!  You can often find high dollar books for just a couple bucks or less.  

Automobiles.  I know that some people love the thrill of a shiny new ride, but buying brand new makes no sense.  You have probably heard this a thousand times, but it is still true; brand new cars lose value as soon as they leave the lot.  Cars lose, on average, 11% of their value once you take the keys and drive off.  Say you bought a $20,000 car, that is a $2,200 loss.  Instead, buy a car that is used but has low mileage.  It will look and drive exactly the same, but you will have saved yourself thousands.

Fitness Equipment.  I’m sure you have plenty of friends (maybe yourself included) that have went hog wild for New Year’s Resolutions and purchased new exercise equipment only to abandon it after only weeks.   This happens a lot, so you may as well take advantage of it. This is the time for you to buy!  You can save hundreds if not thousands (depending on the equipment) by purchasing it used on Craigslist or FB sales groups).

High Quality Clothes.  For all of you money savers out there, I highly recommend buying used clothing.  That being said, the clothing you buy should always be high quality (There is no reason to spend any money on low quality clothes that will fall apart quickly).  If you like high quality clothes and designer jeans though, it is very smart to shop used.  You will save a significant amount of money doing so.

Tips for Saving on Back to School

tips for saving on back to school

Thrift Stores.

Not kidding at all.  You can find some seriously good deals at thrift stores and if you frequent Goodwill, you may find that they sell Target overstock items there.  Not only can you find brand new clothes at pennies on the dollar, but you can also find lots of school and office supplies.  (For the record, I have also found necessities like tampons, toilet paper and toothpaste..all brand new and close to free!)

Get an Early Start

The single best thing you can do to save on your back to school shopping trip is to start early.  Buying a little bit here and there is much easier on your budget then having to buy it all at once at the last minute.

Yard Sales

As a parent, I realize how lucky I am that my kids feel no shame in yard sale shopping for deals.  The truth is though, you can get lucky and grab some fabulous deals on great clothes shopping at yard sales.  I bought a super nice pair of Miss Me jeans at a yard sale last summer for $1.  Yes, you read that right, $1!  The same pair would have cost $100+ retail.

Check Out What You Already Have

I bought in bulk last year and purchased 12 dozen Dixon Ticonderoga pencils.  I still have 5 dozen of them.  I also have several glue sticks and more!  This is slimming down my shopping list.  The lesson here is to make sure you look through the supplies you already have so you don’t overspend when you don’t need to.

Don’t stress about keeping up with the Jones’

We all want our kids to have nice stuff, but it is important to make sure you aren’t going over your budget in order to impress people.  Even if you can’t afford the expensive stuff, doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice stuff.  Just do it reasonably.  Give your kids’ a money limit or a limit on how many of a certain item you will be buying.  

Easy Ways to Save on Kids’ Sports Expenses

save on kids sports

Did you know that parents spend, on average, over $500 per year on their kids’ sports expenses?  This is a per kid estimate.  That means if you have more than one child, you are likely spending over a thousand dollars per year!

Between sports fees, gear requirements and gas money to get to countless practices and games, the expenses are non-stop.  Follow these tips to cut back on these expenses:


Get together with other parents and come up with a carpool schedule.  You likely don’t need to be at every practice anyway.  Split these duties with other parents (chances are they need a break too!).  Carpooling is a great way to save money and time!


We all want our kids to have the best, but here’s a truth.  Your kids are just that.  Kids.  That means they will quickly grow out of those $150 shoes they are asking for.  Why not settle on the $75 shoes and revisit the expensive ones once they become teens and their feet are done growing?  The same is true for bats, helmets, gloves, etc.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go with the low end, low quality gear, but somewhere in the middle is just fine.


Do you have any extra time to spare?  Consider volunteering for the kids’ sports league.  They may be willing to offer a break on the fees.  These leagues are often in need of volunteer help!


Sports gear is often used for a only a short period of time.  Why not check places like Ebay or Play it Again Sports to get a large discount on the items you need?


Most kids sporting programs have scholarships built into their budget.  It never hurts to ask if you qualify for these.  Oftentimes, the income requirements are much higher than you would think.


Not long ago we decided to put a limit on the amount of activities that our kids can do.  We allow them 2 sports or activities per year.  This little trick has saved us hundreds of dollars in expenses and gained us some quality family time.
The fact is that even if you think you can’t afford for your kids to play sports, you probably can.  You just need to be creative and mindful of where your money goes.

Do you have any money saving tricks that you use when it comes to your kids activities?


Save More Money Each Month With These Simple Changes

save money each month

Does it feel like your monthly expenses are out of control?  Are you looking for ways to add a little bit of cushion to your monthly budget?  Luckily, hope is not lost.  There are ways for us to save money without any drastic changes.

All it takes to save money is to make some simple changes in your everyday life.

Cancel Your Cable

Did you know that as recently as last year, the average cable bill was $99?  Do you watch enough television to make spending $100 per month worth it?  Couldn’t you be just as entertained watching movies or television shows streamed on Netflix for $10 per month?

Cut Your Phone Bill

Go over your phone bill with a fine tooth comb.  I am willing to be that you are paying for stuff that you shouldn’t be.  Whether it’s too much data, wasteful insurance or bonus extras that you didn’t even realize you were paying.  This tip could save you a lot of money each month on your bill.  Also, consider switching cell phone providers.  Cell phone providers vary greatly in their costs, are you getting the best rates?
Lower Your Power Bill

Do you cringe every time your power bill shows up? There are a couple of things that you can do to keep that bill as low as possible each month.  

Try these tips:

  • Install a programmable thermostat.  Do you find yourself heating or cooling the house all day, just so it is comfortable when you come home?  The ability to program when your heating and air conditioning come on is a great way to save.  
  • Turn your water heater down to 120.  You don’t need it any hotter and you will save on your power bill.
  • Buy LED bulbs.  If you haven’t made the switch already, buy LED bulbs for your lighting.  These cost a fraction of what old incandescent bulbs cost in energy.

Use Coupons

Grocery bills are a huge expense for most families.  Don’t be afraid to clip coupons and bring that expense down.  The average family can save up to 40% on their monthly grocery bill just by shopping sales and using coupons.


Top Ways To Get More Money Into Your Savings Account

Even when you understand the need to put money away in a savings account, it is sometimes very difficult to find enough money to do so. Unforeseen circumstances and weak will power are the leading causes of inability to save significant amounts of money. Other times, it is inability to see the opportunity to save money when it presents itself. This piece therefore takes a look at how you can spot these opportunities and save more money for the future.

Save salary raise

Salary raises are not an opportunity to increase spending. If you were able to get by on your past salary, you should be able to continue on it while saving the new addition. Similarly, you should consider working a few hours above your normal schedule and strictly put away the overtime pay at the end of the week or month.

Save bonuses and commissions

When you plan your day to day spending, you don’t include bonuses into the equation. Why then should you spend the bonuses when they come? Bonuses are a good opportunity to ramp up the digits in your savings account. If you get a large commission on the other hand, always use it for something that will be of benefit in the future. Think of a retirement investment or a comfortable home.

Cut expenses

When the topic of cutting expenses arises, it is often common for people to look at money spent on activities like smoking or drinking as where to start saving from. Whilst this is a good idea, you can save even more money by cutting expenditure on your hobbies. If you love playing bingo games for instance and spend money trying out new sites, you should consider playing on no deposit bingo sites where there is no need to deposit your money before getting a feel of the gaming experience. Similarly, you should review the amount you spend on protein shakes, personal trainers, video games etc. Cutting back on hobby spending for a year could add a tidy sum to your savings account.

Cross check taxes

Do you get tax refunds? You should put the money straight into your savings. If you don’t get any refunds, you should consider talking with a tax advisor to see if there are tax refund options you haven’t explored. Your tax advisor should also be able to do a comprehensive assessment to be sure you are paying an amount that can be deemed fair value in taxes. Assessments can save you a decent amount of money in property taxes especially. Even when you feel you are paying the exact amount you should pay in taxes, professional accountants properly qualified to look over taxes can help you plug loopholes. The important thing to keep in mind is to always put away all the money saved in taxes to your savings account. You would have lost the money to the government anyway so why not put it to good use?

Analyse credit card payments

Are you making any credit card debt payments? You should look around to see if you can get lower rates elsewhere on the same product or something similar. Take a balance transfer credit card for instance could see you reduce 7% interest rate to 3.5% or less. Here’s how to get lower interest rates on your credit cards.

Things You Did not Know about Cats

Things You Did not Know about Cats


Things You Did not Know about Cats
Cats have fascinated us since ancient times. Even if their behavior can strike us as odd at times, science can shed some light when it comes to a cat’s life and its habits. There are many surprising things that you didn’t know about cats.

These cute pets are wonderful, loyal companions, no matter how the media sometimes portrays them. Cats may seem indifferent, but a cat owner knows better. A cat can be as loyal and loving as a dog. And it can really make someone’s life a little better.


Left or Right Pawed?

Just like humans, cats can either be left or right pawed. It seems that female cats are usually right pawed while male cats are left pawed. Isn’t that cute? One of the things that you didn’t know about cats.

Not so Surprising of a Fact

Cats sleep around 70% of their lives. But every cat owner has noticed this thing so it may not come as a surprise. Still; it’s an impressive percentage compared to other pets.

Mister Popular

It seems that cats are more popular than dogs in many countries around the world. Judging by the overwhelming amount of cat videos that can be found on the internet, this doesn’t seem such a surprising fact at all.

Noisy Little Things

Cats are capable of making more than 100 sounds. Dogs can only make around 10 sounds. It seems that cats can get noisier than dogs. But they compensate with their sweet purrs.

Good for the Heart

Different studies reveal that cats can reduce heart attacks by more than a third. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

A Cat Lands on Its Feet

There are many verified storied where cats have fallen from great heights and they still have survived the impact with the ground.

 The Clowder

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory TV Show has taught us that a group of cats is called a clowder. You never know when this piece of information may come in handy.

Those Cute Ears

…are pretty spectacular. More than 20 muscles are used by cats to control their ears.

No Sweets for Them

Absolutely no cat can taste the sweet taste of foods or drinks. They don’t know what they’re missing out on!

The Purr of a Cat

The purr of a cat is very complex. Cats purr for all sorts of reasons. Their purr can be self-healing, but it can also be a sign of agitation or annoyance. The sound of a purr seems to be therapeutic for humans.


Cats DO communicate with their owners. When adult cats are meowing, they’re actually doing it to communicate with humans.

The Milk and Fish Debate

We have been used to associate cats with milk. But cats are lactose intolerant so you should never give them milk. Raw fish is also out of the question since it poses a threat to a cat’s health.

Not So Different from Humans

A cat’s brain is 90% similar with that of a man’s. It seems that dogs don’t win this race.



Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs

Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs


Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs
Dogs are a man’s best friend and there have been many heartwarming cases where dogs have saved their owners’ lives. A dog’s loyalty is unquestionable and everybody knows that it doesn’t take too much effort to make a dog happy (compared with a cat, for example). But there are still many things that we don’t know about dogs. Some things can be deduced while others come as a total surprise. Here are some things that would make you see dogs in a different light.


Dogs Are Not Colorblind

Surprising as it may seem, dogs aren’t colorblind. They see colors just like us, humans, but not so vividly. Something we don’t know about dogs.

The Paws

Dogs sweat, too. But they sweat with their paws. And they regulate their temperature by panting. Another thing we don’t know about dogs.

Dog Years

Everybody knows that dogs grow up differently. So a one-year-old dog has the age of a 15-year-old human.

The Fastest Dog on Earth

Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on Earth. They can run even 45 miles per hour.

Their Biggest Health Problem

This may be a surprise for some dog owners, but the biggest health problem that dogs face is obesity.

How You Can Identify a Dog

A human’s fingerprint is unique. So is a dog’s nose print.

The Largest Breed of Dog

Is the Irish Wolfhound.

The Smallest Breed of Dog

And the smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua.

What they Share in Common with Humans

It seems that only dogs and humans have prostates.

An Overwhelming Number of Breeds

There are 703 official purebred dogs.

The Smartest Dog Is…

The border collie. The following smartest breeds of dogs are the poodle and the golden retriever.

Their Cute Nose

Apart from working as the equivalent of a human fingerprint when it comes to methods of identifying a dog, their nose is also incredible. Because of their unique nose, a dog’s smell is 100,000 stronger than a human’s.

Bad Eyesight

A dog’s eyesight isn’t as great. It’s actually worse than a human’s. But they compensate with a very well-developed olfactory system.

No Coffee

Caffeine can kill a dog. In the happiest scenarios it can make it very ill. So keep coffee away from dogs.

The Same Anatomy

All dogs, regardless of their breed, have the same anatomy: 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones.

Puppies and Cats

What do cats and dogs share in common, for some time at least? Puppies sleep 90% a day.

The Ear Muscles

Dogs have two times more ear muscles than men do. This is why they can move their ears so easily.

The Wolf

All dogs are direct descendants of wolves. And wolfs descended from Tomarctus, a prehistoric creature.

Their Hearing

A dog’s sense of hearing is better than a human’s. Ten times better.

Born Completely White

All Dalmatians are born completely white. In time, their cute little dots start appearing on their fur.

Faster Heartbeats

Dogs’ hearts beat up to 120 times a minute. This is 50% faster than a human’s heartbeats.

Cool Alternatives to Fitness


Cool Alternatives to Fitness
If you have gotten a bit bored with fitness, there are some cool alternatives that you can try out. The following activities will also help you lose weight, stay fit and have a fabulous summer body. Remember that routine isn’t good in any field and this includes fitness, too.

The next cool alternatives to fitness might help you discover things that you didn’t think your body was capable of. You can also end up finding a hobby that’s dear to you. Many people discover they’re into dancing or any other type of workout after they try that particular activity out, so maybe it’s time to consider some fine alternatives to fitness, too.



Ballet is great for both men and women. The choreography, the intensity, the complex exercises will help you have a dancer’s body and the flexibility of a gymnast. You will also learn how to act and interpret different human emotions because ballet is very connected to acting. The thing is you will never get bored when learning ballet.


With so many types of dancing that exist right now, choosing only one type of dancing can be overwhelming. The best thing is to sign up for dancing classes, go to different workshops and after a few weeks decide which type of dancing you’d like to study in depth. Dancing will help you interact better with people and express your emotions. You’ll learn all there is to know about rhythm and just like ballet you’ll become an expert when it comes to human expressions and gestures.


If you’re an outdoors person, you will love hiking. Hiking uses all of your muscles and after climbing a mountain, you’ll feel exhausted but satisfied of what you’ve managed to accomplish. Take it step by step and start will hills then move to small mountains then adventure in less populated areas. You can sign up in a school that’s dedicated to beginners. Hiking can be dangerous if you’re not trained. There’s also more to hiking than meets the eye. You can take some amazing photos of the wild. And being in nature is therapeutic.

Indoor Climbing and Bouldering

You will work on your agility and strength. Indoor climbing and bouldering are becoming more and more popular these days and you can find such a gym in your hometown, too. You just have to look for it.

Martial Arts

Taking self-defense classes can be one inspired choice. Martial arts are very complex, ancient and popular for so many reasons. You will train both your mind and body to react in dangerous situations. This can save your life. You will feel more confident and safe and you will know how to fend yourself. You will also learn how to tune in to your emotions, control them and trust your instincts more.


Yoga will help you lose weight but it takes more sessions to burn fat than fitness or cardio. However, yoga helps you meditate and be more open to spirituality. It also improves your posture, flexibility and immune system.

Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?

Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?


Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?
A lot of people fear cheating, but some seem a bit too obsessed about it. The questioning, the lack of trust stems from failed relationships or from witnessing a dysfunctional relationship between one’s parents.

There are easy signs that let you know if you or your partner are addicted to romantic suspicion. Unfortunately, this is a very common behavior among many couples. But things can change for the better, if you’re willing to do something about your suspicion.


You Are Convinced Your Lover Is Cheating

Whatever your lover says, you still think he or she is cheating. You disregard the evidence and you probably never trusted your partner from the get-go.

You Tend to Control Your Partner

You always ask your partner what he or she has been up to, with whom they have just talked on the phone, if they are friends with coworkers from the opposite sex and on and so forth. You are jealous of their friends that happen to be of the opposite sex. You constantly check their internet history, their phones, their agenda etc. You seem to hope you’d catch them cheating. You seem to hope you’ll find some sort of evidence to hold it against them.

Understand why It Isn’t Ok

If your partner would do the same things to you, you’d find this behavior abusive and unfair. Imagine how much the person next to you loves you for putting up with all the questioning and doubting. It can be so insulting and hurtful for a person to be accused of cheating when they have never did such a thing. When you have never had reasons, solid reasons, to accuse them of such things. And here you are trying to control every step your partner takes. You maybe act this way without putting too much thought into it, but the causes of this kind of behavior have nothing to do with your current partner. The answer lies in your past and you can get better. If you see a counselor or a therapist you can see when and why this problem has started and you can work to solve it. It is recommended to bring your partner with you, too to have some couple therapy sessions where your partner will finally understand why he or she is under romantic suspicion. Only by working together you can solve things out.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you don’t look into it and let this jealousy and suspicion pattern take a hold of your relationship, you can end up suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. You can also end up having exaggerated reactions. For example, if your partner doesn’t answer the phone, instead of looking for logical explanations like “his phone battery died”, “he’s in a meeting” etc. you’ll jump to the worst conclusion possible thinking he shut his phone down and he is cheating on you. This will lead to a lot of heartache and stress that you’ll have to deal with. And it’s all unnecessary since your mind is making up these scenarios…


The Ups and Downs of a Video Blog

The Ups and Downs of a Video Blog


The Ups and Downs of a Video Blog
A video blog is also known as a vlog and it has become more and more popular these days. Is it worth it? What are the ups and downs of a video blog? Is it for everyone? Can it be successful? Truth is that staring a video blog isn’t an exact science and there are many things that can go wrong.

It’s all about being professional, charismatic and you have to come with something different than the rest of the vloggers out there in order to be popular. But even all these traits won’t guarantee your success or fame.


Too Much Exposure

You risk exposing too much of your private life and personal views. A lot of cyberbullies, hackers and stalkers can do you harm so you better be prepared to face awkward or difficult situations. Keep a little mystery and don’t let people know your address or real name. Only people that you trust should know personal details…

Pointless Aggression and Nasty Comments

Don’t feed the trolls. A lot of people will troll your vlog. You should have some thick skin to face comments, critics, verbal or written abuse. People can insult you and be aggressive towards you or mock your vlog and make a parody after it. Be prepared for it and don’t feed the trolls. Don’t show that you care. Even bad publicity can bring you more followers…quite the paradox, isn’t it?

You Have to Post Daily or on a Regular Basis

If you want more coverage and followers and if you plan on attracting sponsors, you got to commit to your vlog. Upload vlogs daily or regularly. Make them appealing and relevant. Use social media websites to promote your videos. Think of a newsletter, too.

You Can Get Rich from the Comfort of Your House

A lot of people start a vlog for fun. When things get serious and they start earning money, they focus on what worked and what should be improved. Not everybody becomes famous. And even if you become famous, it won’t happen overnight. It might take you months, you might feel like quitting, but if you are patient and determined, you can accomplish many great things.

You Become More Aware

Of Everything. You will pay more attention to how you look, how you speak, you try to keep the right posture and you also become more aware of what people want and what things make you more interesting than other vloggers.

Your Social Skills Improve

When you start a vlog, you learn how to communicate better. You know how to develop ideas and how to send a clear message to the world. The same goes with your social interactions. You start communicating easier with people.

Words Matter

What you say matters. Using the wrong words can lead to misinterpreting, misunderstanding and even arguments. You learn how to be more diplomatic about delicate issues. You are also aware of the power of key words and you use this power to your advantage.

Learning Languages the Easy Way

Learning Languages the Easy Way


Learning Languages the Easy Way
Many people have started to pay attention to languages more. With so many ways to gain access to information and different resources, learning languages the easy way doesn’t sound so utopic anymore.

So how can you learn languages the easy way? You should combine different ways in order to better grasp a language and understand its perks. It may be a bit hard at the beginning, till you get used to this new situation, but after a few weeks you will find a learning pattern and rhythm to suit your style.


Getting Accustomed with the Pronunciation

You have to get exposed to that particular language. If you can’t move in the country where people speak the language that you want to learn, watch TV shows, films, listen to music in that language so you can get accustomed with the pronunciation. Naturally, you’ll end up picking up a few words, too. And that is important in time. And it will make it easier for you to learn any language.

Reading, Reading, Reading

Another important part in any language learning process is to read. Read newspapers, comic books, children books. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Go for the easy literature first and pay attention to word order. By translating certain passages and by looking up words in the dictionary you’ll start enriching your vocabulary and getting accustomed to the typical grammar without even realizing it.

Talking with Native Speakers

Nowadays, we have the internet to thank for connecting us with people from all around the world. The modern version of a pen pal. So search for native speakers and start chatting with them via different social media sites or start a video conference with them. It will help you tremendously. And it’s not hard at all. Most people online are flattered and more than eager to teach you their language or explain when you are wrong.

Plan Your Lessons in Advance

Set different goals weekly. Plan your lessons in advance. Learn a certain number of words daily. Work sheets are important when it comes to learning a new language. Have in mind the following: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. The three most important, essential parts that you have to focus on when learning a new language.

The Online Environment

If your language isn’t that exotic, rare or difficult, chances are that there are many free websites that offer tips, tricks and free lessons for those who wish to learn a certain language. The online environment also has online dictionaries, tutorials, videos and lesson plans that can really help you out. It’s all a matter of will and determination really. You just have to reach for information and want to study and keep focused on your goals and you can master a language quite easily and rather fast.

Asking for Help

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help when you feel stuck. Nobody is born perfect and if you ask someone online  for help on different forums dedicated to learning and studying languages, there will be people that will help you out. Because they share the same passion like you: the love for language studies.



How You Can Find Happiness

How You Can Find Happiness
How You Can Find Happiness

Many believe that finding happiness is almost an impossible task. But happiness isn’t hard to find. You have to know what makes you happy and where you can look for happiness. You should also make achieving happiness a top priority.

Happiness can be defined by the little things that put a smile on our face, by the people that we love, by the things we achieve. As long as we channel our thoughts, actions and work into something we love and believe in, happiness will come along.


Optimism Is Essential

If we don’t make it seem like such an effort from our parts and be optimistic about the outcome, happiness can be achieved. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You can fail, but you can also come up with another solution till you reach happiness. When you believe that something will happen, your mindset will change and your brain will channel all of your efforts towards achieving that certain goal you have in mind.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect happiness to come into your life? You’re clearly unhappy and you need to love yourself first, then look for happiness. But in order to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence levels you have to find out why you are feeling this way. A therapist can help you solve your problems and find out what causes this type of behavior from your part. Then you can take the necessary steps to remove the bad triggers from your life.

Don’t Spoil the Fun by Overthinking

Overthinking can make you create problems out of thin air. Happiness is also about letting go of thoughts and giving in to the moment. Let your mind relax and follow your heart from time to time. It’s one of the best ways to be happier.

It’s You, not Others

A lot of people think that finding their soulmates means that they found happiness. Although finding your soulmate really helps, happiness is something that you make and find. Not something coming from someone else. If you can’t find happiness on your own, if you can’t make yourself happy then you really think that someone else can?

Stop Listening to Others

Society and people around us have different definitions of what happiness truly means. If you pay attention to the news, to the glossy magazines, to your parents and friends you might go a little crazy and become very unhappy. Their pieces of advice might be based on good intentions, but remember that this is their idea of happiness, not yours. So the moment you stop listening to others, is the moment in which you know what you want from life and what makes YOU happy. Not others. So even if some people may be hurt by your decisions and idea of happiness, follow your dreams and be happy for a change.

Don’t Compromise

Happiness can’t be sacrificed, compromised, put on hold. If someone asks you to change your dreams to better suit their needs, it means that your significant other doesn’t respect you and your dreams. That isn’t real love. A person who loves you will support you and help you be happy.











How to Be a Successful Person


How to Be a Successful Person

Success has a subjective definition; it depends on who you ask. The answer differs, because people have different desires and dreams, thus shaping their subjective concept of what makes a person be successful.

But there are universal tips and tricks that can lead you to the path of a successful career or life. These tips can be adjusted and changed to better suit your needs.


How You Handle Your Finances

The way in which you handle your finances tells a lot about who you are. If you are organized and you lead a frugal life you have all the chances to make smart investments and to end up being a successful person. If you’re not greedy, if you’re not a spender, if you work for any penny, you know what plans and investments to make in order to succeed. And since you know how to handle your finances you won’t be forced to get a loan from the bank to survive.

Thinking of Failure in Different Terms

A successful person knows that perfection is just an illusion. Evolution, change and progress are the best “tools” that a successful person often uses. A successful person will make a lot of backup plans if the main plan fails. Because life is unpredictable and you have to have a lot of scenarios in mind and be able to adapt to what life throws at you. Successful people don’t see failure as a reason to give up on their dreams; they see failure as a lesson. They fail, they work harder. They fail, they plan better. This is the typical mentality of every successful person out there.

Originality and Hard Work

In order to be successful, you have to be original. You have to think outside the box. Other people’s stories about success don’t interest you. Because you don’t want the same things. Because you are different. This is why you have to find out what you’re good at. What new thing you can come up with so that others can use it. Something useful and innovative. You should also be prepared to work hard if you want to be successful. It’s ok to be creative, but it is more important to be determined to succeed and to put all of your efforts, time and financial resources in your dream. Nothing can be achieved without working hard for it. The trick is to never give up.

Being Realistic

It’s ok to have dreams, but it is not ok to be idealistic about it. Keep it real. Be realistic. Can you achieve what you have in mind for the time being or you need to take another course of action? Being realistic will make you have better plans in mind. You will know exactly what you can accomplish or not. You will be able to work on your flaws and turn your abilities into talent.

Asking for Second Opinions

Sometimes you may fail to see the bigger picture. Or be too caught up in your ideas. Ask a person that you respect and trust for a second opinion. People who aren’t directly involved in a plan may have a panoramic, objective take on things and this can help you change some things for the better. Asking for second opinions is an inspired thing to do.



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