Why Friends Are More Important than a Relationship

why Friends Are More Important than a Relationship

Why Friends Are More Important than a Relationship


Friendship is forever. There are many real stories regarding true acts of kindness and friendship. Love comes in many different ways and friendship is a form of love, loyalty, understanding, support. Friends are more important than a relationship because they are here to stay.

A lot of relationships don’t stand the test of time. It’s a harsh reality check, but that doesn’t make it less real. But your true friends will always be there for you and knowing that you can count on someone and that someone can count on you is an amazing feeling that we all should experience throughout the years.


You Can Be Yourself

One of the most important and beautiful things about friendship is knowing that you can be yourself. You have spent so much time with your friends that you can read each other’s thoughts. No need for justifying your actions or explaining what you meant to say or do. You can be yourself, you are comfortable in their presence and you don’t judge each other. Isn’t life beautiful?

No Awkward Silence

You don’t have to fill the awkward silence with meaningless conversation because things are never awkward between you and your friends. There is nothing forced or fake about your friendship and being true in a world full of masks is a rare and amazing thing to do.

Happiness Seems Easy

You can have fun and be happy with your friends by doing all sorts of things and by doing nothing, too. Happiness seems easy when you are surrounded by people with similar interests.

You Laugh Hard

You spend so much time laughing and feeling good. Your sense of humor is understood by your friends and appreciated. You know that laughter is the key to happiness and to a healthy life. So you make the best of your time when meeting friends.

You Learn not to Take Things Seriously

When you get carried away or when you start taking things too seriously, your friends will help you unwind, keep you grounded but also mock you a bit to make you see where you are doing things wrong.

You Become a Better Person

A true friend will be honest with you even if truth is a hard pill to swallow. A true friend knows that the best thing for you is to hear things how they really are, even if this means you getting upset on them. Friends want what’s best for you so they will help you become a better person by pointing out your flaws and mistakes and giving you a solid piece of advice. You will always be subjective regarding your own life, actions and decisions so seeing things from someone else’s point of view can be healthy. It can help you reconsider things, find solutions to your problems and improve your flaws.

You Know You Have Someone You Can Rely On

You know that if something bad happens, you can count on them any time of the day.


Reclaim Your Confidence

Reclaim Your Confidence


Reclaim Your Confidence
There are a few things that are worse than that awful feeling that you have lost confidence in yourself. We all feel this way at one point in our lives, but we are in control and we can turn what’s making us feel bad about ourselves into something productive till we reclaim our confidence.

Lack of confidence is rooted in many things from education, family issues, environment or personality traits that are typical of anxious, introverted people. But even a toxic relationship with a manipulative person can make us lose confidence in ourselves. A job where you aren’t promoted or valued for what you do can also make you feel bad about yourself.



Self-Confidence Can Be Built in Time

Just like many beautiful things, practice makes perfect. Self-confidence can be worked on. You can reclaim your confidence taking things step by step. So don’t worry if there aren’t any visible changes for the time being. These things take time.

Stop with all the Comparisons

Parents (even if they mean well) and teachers start comparing kids and their performances. We end up doing the same as adults. We compare ourselves and our achievements with other people forgetting the fact that every life and personality is different and so are our goals. No wonder we lack self-confidence, ambition and determination. We can easily be disappointed by utopic expectations.

Keeping It Real

Setting the bar too low or too high will make us fail someway, somehow. Keep it real; be realistic; embrace your abilities and talents and work on your weaknesses. This is the only way in which you can evolve, be a better person and be more self-confident.

Shun the Haters Down

Haters come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they can be disguised as well intentioned friends that always seem to have a piece of advice for you and how you can live your life. Stop them right there and then. You are the ruler of your own life, the decision maker, the one who knows best. Nobody else can make decisions for yourself. Haters can bring you down by manipulating you into thinking you aren’t good enough.

Think Outside the Box

Routine can narrow our minds. Try thinking outside the box and breaking away from the routine. The moment you do something different, you’ll end up feeling good about yourself and seeing things from a different perspective. This is just one of the many ways in which you can reclaim your confidence.

Do what You Like

It’s amazing to witness what happens when you follow your dreams. You feel reborn, you feel like a totally different person; you are happy again. You start feeling more and more confident and you dare to dream big and plan things so that you reach your goals by being determined and organized.

Let Go

If the relationship is toxic, if your workplace doesn’t credit you for what you do, let it go. Put an end to the relationship, quit your job. There will be other job offers and the right person will eventually pop up in your life.



The Dangers Posed by Low Vitamin D Levels

The Dangers Posed by Low Vitamin D Levels


The Dangers Posed by Low Vitamin D Levels
Vitamin D deficiency is among the most common problems people face. If the vitamin D levels aren’t fixed, you can end up dealing with a lot of health issues, one more serious than the other. There are many options that can help you get the necessary vitamin D intake from supplements to delicious foods.

The best way to make sure you will never find out the dangers posed by low vitamin D levels is to go to the doctor regularly, check to see if everything is alright with you, eat healthy, go out more and lead an active lifestyle.


Pregnancy Issues

Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy have been linked to autism.

Muscle Weakness

If you notice that your muscles don’t seem as strong as they used to, get your vitamin D intake.

Bone Pain

Bone pain is never pleasant. It’s one of the most common signs of vitamin D deficiency.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Low vitamin D levels have been associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Your Cognitive Functions

Unfortunately, even your cognitive abilities will be affected by lack of vitamin D in your body.

Asthma in Kids

Severe asthma in children has been reported when they lack the necessary vitamin D intake.

The Importance of the Sunshine Vitamin

This vitamin is so important because it fortifies our bones and it keeps us protected from several illnesses. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by our bodies as a response to the skin being exposed to sunlight. This vitamin can also be found in some fish, egg yolks, dairy products and grain products. Soaking up the sun also helps.

More Prone to Cancer

Another serious threat that you can face when you don’t have enough Vitamin D in your body is cancer.

A Number of Different Conditions

Although the studies aren’t conclusive yet, it seems that the right amount of Vitamin D in your body keeps you safe from getting type 1 and type 2 diabetes. You are also less likely to suffer from multiple sclerosis; you also reduce the chances of being glucose intolerant or to suffer from hypertension.

Raw Veganism

Raw veganism poses a serious threat to your health if your diet isn’t supervised by a doctor and a nutritionist. You have to take your mineral and vitamin supplements. Most natural sources of vitamin D are animal-based and since raw veganism is against the consumption of animal-based products, vegans can easily find themselves exposed to different conditions and illnesses.

You Are the Indoors Type

Try to get out more, even if you don’t like it. If you are exposed to the sunlight, your body will produce vitamin D. But don’t forget to use sunscreen, especially during summer.


Obese people have trouble extracting vitamin D from the blood. Obesity is another common issue that people have to take care of so when something is wrong with our body, the domino effect comes into play. Do whatever it takes to get the necessary mineral and vitamin intake, be more active and embrace a healthier lifestyle. It isn’t that hard and you will definitely enjoy the results.



Where Modern and Radical Feminism Go Wrong

Where Modern and Radical Feminism Go Wrong


Where Modern and Radical Feminism Go Wrong
When feminism first started, it was something impressive and noble in it. Women emancipated, stood up for what they believed in and managed to get themselves heard, respected and treated equally. Because they were oppressed. Because they weren’t treated right. Things have changed in the past few years and they don’t look very promising.

Where do modern and radical feminism go wrong? What exactly isn’t right with the concept, attitude and behavior of many modern and radical feminists nowadays? Let’s have a look and see where things take a different turn.


All Genders Are Equal…

In theory. Feminism is all about equal rights and defending both men and women. But if you pay attention to videos, feminist rallies and protests, women shun men’s rights, criticize, argue with men and even start fights without men having provoked them. This isn’t okay at all.

The Income Thing

A lot of women complain that they don’t have the same income as men. But this happens for all sorts of reasons. First of all, studies and polls show that most women aren’t so ambitious and don’t dare to ask for a raise for their accomplishments. Men, on the other hand, grab the bull by its horns and ask for what they deserve. Women also focus on different fields like gender studies, humanistic studies and fields etc. while men go for engineering, neurosciences and far better paid fields. It’s not a matter of discrimination, it is a matter of choice. Women also want to have a career and family and they also get involved in raising their kids more than men, thus not having enough time to work overtime at work to earn those extra bucks or get that promotion they want. It’s not ok to blame men for that. And to invoke feminism. It’s a matter of choice. There are so many laws nowadays that benefit women and women’s rights are very well formulated.

Trivial Matters over Important Ones

Modern and radical feminists complain about all sorts of trivial matters from paying taxes for tampon pads to the fact that the air conditioner is sexist because it makes them feel cold at the office and it’s men’s fault because men don’t seem to have a problem with lower temperatures. But women dress with summery clothes that don’t keep them too warm at the office. They can always adjust the AC’s temperature…However, important matters that should pose a high interest for feminists are simply forgotten. There are women stoned for their beliefs or for the fact they want a job and formal education in the Orient and in other places in the world. Women who are enslaved by their husbands, women with no rights. Feminism should focus on what is important. The rest are trivial matters.

Not Backing Up their Arguments with Science

Unfortunately, most modern and radical feminists are shut down by logical arguments that are backed up by science, studies and different polls. Many feminists shout, cover men’s voices and come up with bogus statistics to prove they’re right. That is not ethical at all. And it’s a shame because feminism used to be more than that. It was backed up by common sense and intensive studies.



Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism


Understanding Autism

Understanding something ultimately leads to a better communication and you can really help somebody and be of more use to a person in distress if you stay informed. Understanding autism can impact an autist’s life for the better.

As a definition, autism is a developmental disorder. The development and function of the brain behaves abnormally. People with autism find it harder to integrate in society, their social skills are impaired and this developmental disorder is also marked by repetitive (and restrictive) patterns of behavior and repetitive interests.


Get Informed

There are so many books and materials on autism. The internet is also filled with pertinent studies and explanations. You have no excuse not to get informed and identify and understand autism.

When It Is Detected

Autism is detected during the most important years, the formative years of a child. The sooner the child is correctly diagnosed, the better chances he has to improve his cognitive and social abilities with the help of the right treatment and therapy.

Different Types of Approaches to Autism

The behavioral approach uses a lot of important techniques to better manage autism. Children with autism learn about self-help, their social skills will be trained till they are improved and till their communication gets better, making it easier for them to integrate in society. Positive reinforcement is another approach used by behavioral therapists. Sensory integration is also tackled with the help of different games.

Another approach to autism is a more specialized, personalized kind of therapy. This therapy includes physical therapy and speech games. Occupational therapy is also included in this kind of approach. The goal is to help a child with autism perform typical daily activities without the supervision of an adult. Choosing the approach is a bit difficult and you should take into account the therapist’s suggestions.

People with Autism…

Tend to shut down because they feel and experience too much. This statement has been suggested by “The Intense World Theory of Autism”.

The Link between Autism and Vaccines…

Is bogus. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed this link is true has actually made up this data for his paper. He lost his medical license for his actions.

Having Trouble Sleeping

Children with autism has a disruptive sleeping pattern. This is why parents should avoid giving their children chocolate or any type of energizers in the evening. By integrating different activities and having an active lifestyle, children with autism will fall asleep easier.

It Takes Time and Patience

You should know that kids with autism are extremely picky with their food. It will take some time till you and your kid find his favorite food. Your child can also have many meltdowns and you need to be there by his side until he calms down. Showing support can mean so much to him.

Aggressive Behavior Can Be Managed

Autism is also accompanied by aggressive behavior and self-injuries. Make sure your kid doesn’t have anything sharp or blunt near him to hurt himself. Also use a calm tone of voice to let your kid know that what he is doing is wrong. There are different techniques that you can apply in these cases, but it is important to talk with a therapist that can offer you the most pertinent pieces of advice.





Things You Should and Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview

Things You Should and Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview


Things You Should and Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview
It’s hard to be a good, professional interviewer. Celebs, artists and famous people in general can get easily offended. By being diplomatic, you can manage to get a fine interview that your readers and followers will definitely appreciate.

Being a professional when it comes to interviews, will make famous people be more inclined to offer you exclusive details about their plans and lives. They are also more likely to agree to a second interview with you in the future.


Test the Waters

Do your research in advance. Is the person you’re going to interview friendly, reclusive, hostile to interviews? Depending on the answer, adjust your questions and behavior. Some people can even get verbally and physically abusive if you ask the wrong questions.

Respect Their Private Lives

If you know this person doesn’t give out too many details about their private lives, focus on important things regarding their professional career and their latest achievements. It’s news, it’s appropriate and the fans won’t mind finding out more information about the professional life of their favorite star.

Agree to Show the Questions in Advance

Some people won’t agree to an interview until you show them the questions beforehand. If the interview is really important to you, agree to this request. After all, if you don’t plan on changing the questions, it won’t make too much of a difference to you.

Set the Mood

You can have some ambient music in the background to make people more relaxed in your presence. You can also bring the star’s favorite candies or sweets as a way to break the ice and make the star more comfortable. You can also make a few jokes to make the awkward things fade away. But don’t abuse the joke repertoire. Keep it short, simple and sweet.

Be More Aggressive

If, however, the person that you are interviewing can be a threat to other people (maybe this person is a corrupt politician or a bad example to society) don’t go easy on this person and ask questions that might make this person uneasy. It’s your job to expose the truth to the public and you have to be more aggressive about it. Let the world see how people react under pressure. Reveal their true face. You will definitely not get the chance to interview this person again, but you should be happy that you made the right thing.

Creepy Questions

Some people don’t know what questions to ask in an interview. Asking way too private and weird questions can instantly turn you into a fanatic, a creeper, a stalker. Nobody really wants to hear the answers to these weird questions so focus on the latest news, gossip about this person and ask a few questions regarding his or her private life but try not to be intrusive. You can ask this person about how she or he spends free time, what hobbies this person has etc. Things that are and aren’t too personal.

Be Original

Take a look at other interviews that this person had and make sure you won’t repeat the same questions. An interview that has the same questions will become useless. The fans will get bored, the famous person will think you are being unprofessional etc.



Signs that You’re Being Immature in a Relationship

Signs that You’re Being Immature in a Relationship


Signs that You’re Being Immature in a Relationship
Nobody likes to admit it, but if you are constantly dating persons who say that you’re immature, chances are that they might be right. If only one person called you immature, you don’t have any reasons to doubt yourself, but if most persons that you’ve dated have complained about the same thing, chances are that there is some truth to this statement.

Maybe you have a different definition of what makes a person immature. If you plan on having a serious relationship and if you want to be taken seriously, there are some things that you can change in order to become a better version of yourself.


Not Sure about the Future

That can be translated as “let’s see where this relationship leads to” or this can be perceived as “I don’t know if I want a promotion in this company, if I plan on staying and getting things done etc.”. When you don’t make some plans for the future (plans that would benefit you or make you happy) you will come off as immature, insecure and unreliable. Practice more introspection and be honest with yourself. What do you want to achieve? What kind of future would seem nice to you?

Not Saying what You Really Think

Faulty communication can be your fault if you don’t say what you really think and feel about certain aspects. You can avoid disappointment if you’re true to the person you’re in a relationship to. Truth may be hard to swallow, but at least you know you did everything you could to get your point across and make that person better understand you and your needs. You can stand up for what you believe in at work or at university and feel good about it. You are mature enough not to give two cents about offending other people’s opinions. You can say what you think even if it contradicts other people. Use a polite, respectful tone though.

Pleasing Everyone

A wise, mature person that has experienced life’s many faces, knows that it is impossible and useless to try and please everybody. We all want to be understood and accepted by society, but we first have to put our happiness and state of mind first. Do what makes you happy, stop living life according to other people’s pieces of advice. The ones that truly matter will get you and respect you for who you really are. A self-confident person who knows all about self-respect will be admitted by others. A people pleaser is immature and lacks confidence. Don’t be that person.

Promise Something and not Come Through

If you made a promise, do your best and keep it. Otherwise don’t promise something you can’t commit to. Be a man of your word and let people know that you aren’t immature and that your friends can really count on you.

Don’t Give Up

Try again and again till you succeed. Success is often defined by strong will, determination and patience. If you give up at the first obstacle, it means you don’t want a certain thing bad enough. If you’re afraid of failure instead of seeing it as a lesson you aren’t mature enough (yet).




Get Rid of Cellulite the Natural Way

Get Rid of Cellulite the Natural Way


Get Rid of Cellulite the Natural Way


A lot of medical procedures and a lot of beauty products claim that they can help you get rid of cellulite. After months of trying out different lotions and creams that claim to help you get rid of cellulite nothing changes. Not even the medical interventions do much about cellulite.

Is there a remedy for such a thing? This question is kind of tricky to answer, since there isn’t a specific approach to this problem that many persons face. And contrary to popular belief, even men have cellulite, but it’s hard to spot it since their skin is thicker than women’s.


Natural Oils

Surprising as it may seem, natural oils have a great effect on your skin. Use them as part of homemade beauty treatments, especially in the areas affected by cellulite. You have to arm yourself with loads of patience, since results can be noticed after six months or so.

What you Eat…

Matters. A healthy diet will prevent you from having cellulite. But you also have to move around a lot and have an active life for better results. It’s the only way to know for sure that you won’t have that orange peel effect on your skin.

Do Sports

Practice sports and workout more. This is the best way to get rid of cellulite. But just like using natural oils, it takes time till you see some results. Cardio is your best bet in such cases but intensive workouts can also do the trick. Practicing sports regularly can also make you look and feel fit.

Feeling Stressed Lately?

Stress has a bad impact over our health and mindset. Stress can also make you gain weight and have cellulite. We can’t avoid stressful situations, but we can avoid and practice damage control when it comes to such situations. Don’t allow deadlines, work and pressing issues to stress you out. What do you gain from this attitude? Nothing. Worrying won’t solve your problems. Take some time off or go on a short break and try to clear your mind. Workout, dance, relax at the spa, do whatever it takes to feel relaxed. The moment you are calm and relaxed is the moment when you find the right solutions to your problems. And you avoid impending health problems that come with stress.

Massage Seems to Do the Trick, Too

Another thing that seems to work when it comes to getting rid of cellulite is having regular massage sessions. There are different techniques that help your body feel better and the same techniques make that cellulite be less visible to the naked eye.

Bloating and Water Retention

This (yet again) has to do with diet. What you drink and eat will have an impact over your health and the way you look and feel. Although cellulite can exist without bloating and water retention, when the last two are present, cellulite is more prone to be there, too. So go for natural juices and smoothies to prevent water retention, bloating and cellulite.

Facts about People Who Sleep Late at Night

Facts about People Who Sleep Late at Night


Facts about People Who Sleep Late at Night

Night owls and people who seem more active at night tend to be more creative and intelligent than the rest of the population. But during mornings, they have it worse than others because they didn’t get enough sleep and they might seem to be barely functioning.

Sleeping late at night might make it difficult for you to wake up early in the morning, but if you find the right job, you can wake up at a more suitable hour so that you can get the necessary amount of sleep.


Late-Risers and Evolutionary Patterns

Since you do things differently than the rest of the population and you go to sleep at ungodly hours, you can easily think outside the box. You’re not a big fan of routine and you try doing something different regularly.  You can adapt to change easily. Different studies back this theory up.

Creative Thinking

Following the same train of thought, people that go to sleep later than usual are great at creative thinking. A lot of artists stay up at night, coming up with amazing art because nighttime is when the peak of their creativity comes into play.

Original Solutions

Creative thinking will allow you to come up with some original solutions, making it easier for you to handle problem solving.

Nonconventional Personality

You might seem a little weird and lazy to others (because you find it hard to wake up early in the morning and you don’t have an alarm clock because you dread those things) but your nonconventional personality will help you in life. You will stand out in the crowd (because you are different) and you will be the one known for his or her creativity and courage to follow their dreams.

You Are Used to Pain

Unfortunately, a lot of late risers have experienced plenty of sorrow, grief and hardship in their lives. You are used to pain and you feel a little bit broken inside. But your work is therapeutic.


People who stay up at night to work instead of sleeping are definitely more workaholic than the rest of the population out there. You dedicate plenty of hours to work and you can easily get caught up in what you do. So stop feeling bad about yourself when others think that you are lazy. You are quite the opposite.

Perfect Timing

Working during the night has many advantages; if you get easily distracted, nighttime is as quiet as it can be, making it easier for you stay focused and work.

Staying Focused and Concentrated

It’s easy for you to pay attention to things (not only because everyone around you is sleeping). Studies have found a link between late risers and attention. It seems that staying focused and concentrated is your forte.

Bad Eating Habits

Unfortunately, you are more prone to obesity and other illnesses related to bad eating habits. It’s difficult for you to stay active when you work during the night and sleep during the morning. But if you manage to work out on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week) you can avoid plenty of health problems.





Are You Being Controlled, Manipulated and Abused?

Controlled, Manipulated and Abused


Are You Being Controlled, Manipulated and Abused?


Not all relationships have a happy end. Some relationships are truly toxic, especially when one of the partners is being controlled, manipulated and abused. A lot of people think they can read the signs, but any master manipulator can appear to be the most pleasant person on Earth at first.

So if you’re wondering if you are being controlled, manipulated and abused here are some signs that should ring some alarm bells and make you question your partner’s intentions and if your relationship is worth the trouble or not.


Your Instincts

Pay close attention to your instinct. Do you feel a slight stomach pain or discomfort when your partner is around? Your body often gives you good signals in order to protect yourself. Pay attention to your instincts; they are there for a reason. When something is not right, your body is the first to react, then the mind follows.

You Dread His/Her Reactions

If you constantly wonder how your partner would react to certain news and you actually dread his or her reactions, these are some red flags that you need to analyze better. If you dread your significant other’s reaction, it means that something is wrong with the way they react and handle things. And if you’re afraid of the outcome…that’s not a healthy relationship or a good life. That’s pure psychological terror. And nobody deserves that.

They’re in Charge

They seem to be in charge of everything. The way you dress? You have to ask your partner first. What you eat, what you spend money on. Even your income is managed by your partner. Do you think this is right? Do you think this is the way in which a healthy relationship looks like?

Hello Anxiety and Isolation

You have started having panic attacks or suffering from episodes of anxiety. You didn’t use to be this way. You were outgoing, outspoken and very sociable. Now you rarely talk with your friends and family. This is what a master manipulator does to you; he abuses you psychologically till you end up isolating yourself from the rest of the world.

Pressure and Guilt

You often feel obliged and pressured to do something that pleases your partner. When you decline, he or she will make you feel guilty about it. This is a very common thing in abusive relationships and it usually takes place when it comes to daily things and this includes intimate moments, too. No means no, even in long term relationships.

Playing that Low Self Confidence Card

Abusers and manipulators act like predators. When they sense you are insecure and lack self-confidence, they will take advantage of this, making you feel low, making you feel like you are lucky for being in a relationship with them. You will end up thinking this is as good as it gets and it beats loneliness anyway. But the truth of the matter is that there is a special someone for you, who will pamper you and treat you like a queen or king. And loneliness is better than psychological and physical abuse.



Amazing Facts about Babies

Amazing Facts about Babies


Amazing Facts about Babies


If you have a newborn or you just want to know more about babies, there are so many amazing facts about newborns that can leave you speechless. All babies need extra care and some tips and tricks can make it easier for you to raise healthy and happy babies.

Babies have more to teach us than we can possibly imagine. We get in touch with our paternal and maternal instincts, we discover how precious and fragile life is and we finally understand the meaning of family.


More Bones

Babies have 60 more bones than adults do. As they grow up the extra bones fuse together.

No Tears

We say that babies cry when in fact they scream. Tears can be created after three weeks in. Some babies manage to squeeze their first tears out after five months or so.

How to Tell when a Baby Is Full

When a baby turns its head and refuses food it is not fussy, it is full.

Blue Eyes

All Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. They will change color after six months or so. If six months pass and the baby still has blue eyes it means you have a blue eyed wonder.

How You Can Determine the Baby’s Gender

You hear a lot of stories during your pregnancy. Some say that the time of day and the position determine the baby’s gender. All of these stories aren’t true. The X or Y gene that is responsible for the gender of a human being is carried by the male sperm.

Brain Acts like a Sponge

Babies learn so much about the exterior world because their brain acts like a sponge. They adapt to the environment, to the parents and they develop their sensory system. You can expose the baby to a second language if you want it to speak different languages like a native would.

Want Twins?

Different studies show that eating yams regularly increases your chances of having twins.

Intelligence and Motherhood

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience. Being a mother will help you be more emotionally intelligent and it will also heighten your perception and efficiency. You will also find it easier to express gratitude.

Music Helps

Most babies love listening to music and they will often be seen trying to move to the rhythm of music. Scientists say that if babies are exposed to music, they will also exercise their cognitive functions and hearing system.

All Babies Lactate a Bit

As weird as it may sound, during pregnancy the mom shares her hormones with her baby so babies lactating isn’t such a surprising fact after all.

Newborns Sleep with Eyes Wide Open

If you see your baby’s eyes rolling in a weird way, don’t get alarmed. It’s perfectly natural actually because newborns sleep with eyes wide open.

Babies Sleep a Lot

Statistics show that babies sleep on average between 12-16 hours a day. They wake up often to eat or poop, but they fall asleep soon afterwards.


How to Start an Online Radio Station



How to Start an Online Radio Station
If you have always dreamed of having your own radio, being a radio host or a cool DJ, now’s the chance to do so. You can start your online radio station with little costs. You don’t have to be technical savvy as you will learn things as you go.

It won’t be too hard to start your own online radio station, but once you do, you have to make it known to your target audience. Think of a musical genre, think of the age group that listens to this particular type of music and get the show on the road.


The Right Gear

You won’t need expensive gear or fancy equipment, but you will need to buy a mic if you plan to say something between the songs. You will need applications to stream music. Winamp is preferred by many people out there. This application is easy to manage and it offers a quality sound. Edcast is one of many Winamp plugins that will help you turn your radio into a server which makes it easier to stream music around the world.

The Server Setup

Setting up your server will be a little trickier, but there are many online tutorials that guide you through every step of the way. So you don’t have to worry about it. You will have to pay a monthly subscription depending on the server you choose, but it’s around $5-$6 per month which is pretty affordable.

Be Legal

You need to acquire licensing and there are many companies that offer you licensing on a monthly based fee which is affordable. Always make sure to be legal, no matter what. You can risk to get sued or face jail if you don’t do your research and abide the law.

Have Some Playlists Prepared

Before you start broadcasting for the first time, have some playlists prepared for the first days. To make it easier for you.

Think of a Cool Jingle

You can ask a musician to come up with a catchy jingle for your radio. Talk to the musician about the ideas that you have and the music you want to play. Based on that, you can get an accurate jingle. Set a price for the musician’s work.

Talk with the Graphic Designer

You will also need a cool logo for your radio so might as well talk with a graphic designer and brainstorm till you feel that what the graphic designer created is the right logo for your radio. It might take some time, but you want to get this thing right. A lot of people will associate your radio with the logo.

Flyers, Banners, Badges and Stickers

A little bit of advertisement hasn’t hurt anybody. Coming up with flyers, banners, badges and stickers can be really handy because you will share them with people that genuinely love listening to music. And you will get more listeners. You can get some amazing discounts if you order flyers, banners, badges and stickers in bulk.




How to Start a Radio Station

How to Start a Radio Station


How to Start a Radio Station
You’d be surprised how many people still listen to radio these days. When you’re stuck in traffic, you desperately search for a radio station that streams your favorite musical genre. When you are on a road trip you don’t have the time and energy to grab a handful of CDs and play the DJ part while you’re driving.

So starting a radio station is still relevant these days, but it implies a lot of costs, risks and a lot of patience till it grows into something beautiful. But if you’re determined to strive, you will end up owning a popular radio station.


Get Ready to Invest

Starting, building and maintaining a radio station is one costly process. Be prepared to invest a lot of money into something that you don’t know for sure will work. So you have to embrace the thought that your radio station may not be as popular as you’d hoped it would be.

Applying for a Frequency

There aren’t many available frequencies left and there are many demands for the ones who are available. You can either send in an application for a frequency or buy one from an existing radio that wants to quit. Either way, it’s a long wait and it can get frustrating. Not to say that buying your frequency will cost a lot of money. But this is the first step you have to take.

Applying for a License

It’s not enough to get a frequency. You need to apply for a license otherwise you’re doing things the wrong way and you can face different charges. Applying for a license is like any formality that assures you stream music by being approved by the authorities. You need to fill out some forms and pay some taxes. And you will need a license to broadcast your music and the artists’ permission, too.

Sponsors: A Priority

You need funding because you will incur many costs when hosting a radio station. So you need to think of different sponsors. But in order to get sponsors’ attention, you need to have many listeners tuning in and that takes time.

Studio Space

Think of an affordable yet central studio space. You will invite artists over for interviews, talks and you will be promoting their music and latest albums and releases. Decorate the space in a minimalistic fashion, but make sure you surround the area with your radio’s logo.

Making the Radio Station Known to the World

This is the hardest and probably the most important part. Making the radio station known to the world. Intensive advertisements are the key. Use all that you’ve got in order to make your radio station popular. Use social media websites like Facebook to boost your traffic and target the right audience to listen to your music. You can also do things the old way by sharing flyers and banners all around town. It works. But you’ll see promising results in time so hang in there.

The Logo and Jingle

In order to promote your radio station, you need its own internet page where people can tune in, leave comments, participate in different contests you’ll be holding etc. You will need a logo and jingle for your radio station so that people will associate your radio with a brand, with an image and a particular song or catchy tune.

How to Make Sure You Won’t Be Friendzoned

How to Make Sure You Won’t Be Friendzoned


How to Make Sure You Won’t Be Friendzoned
This is a common thing that happens to men; they get friendzoned when in fact they’d like to have a chance to be more than that. But there are some tips that will help you steer clear from the dreaded friendzone area.

A lot of things are influenced by the things we say and do. Our personality can dictate the way a conversation goes and being friendzoned depends mainly on how you act towards the girl that you like.


Power Play

There is a certain truth to most interactions and relationships: there is some power play involved. So don’t look desperate; that makes any girl keep her distance. Pose as the cool guy who has many girls he can choose from. She’ll like to be courted by someone who has many options available but instead he decides to choose her.

Timing Is Everything

You should feel the right vibe when you open up to her. Make sure you don’t overwhelm her with compliments and you don’t talk too much about your feelings. She might end up not taking you seriously at all.

Support Comes in Many Forms

If she is used to you always being there by her side she might not appreciate what you do for her. People tend to take things for granted. So try not to be available all the time but be there for her when she really needs it. You will also help her by letting her solve her problems on her own. Independence and freedom are two traits that are sexy in both genders.

Keep Things Interesting

Both men and women find unpredictability sexy. When you don’t have a person figured out, you are more inclined to be attracted to that mysterious side of their personality. So keep things interesting. Be yourself, but rely on your mysterious charm, too.

Don’t Turn into Her Confidante

The moment she starts talking about other guys with you is the moment she friendzoned you. She thinks you are just friends and she is not trying to look available to you at all. So try not to discuss about her past loves, crushes and other things like that.

Don’t Be a People Pleaser

If you’re a yes man, a people pleaser she might abuse your kindness. A woman likes a man who is confident and in control. Are you that kind of man?

When She Initiates Contact

This is a very important thing that also lets you know if you’re in the friendzone or not. If she only initiates contact when she had a fight with her boyfriend or when she feels lonely and ignored, it means you are in the friendzone. But if you like a woman who already has a boyfriend, maybe it’s time you find someone available. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, let her know that she can contact you when she isn’t feeling lonely, too because you enjoy her presence. She’ll understand that you want to be more than friends. Or you can explain that using your own words.






What “Me” Time Does to Your Life

What “Me” Time Does to Your Life


What “Me” Time Does to Your Life


You keep hearing people say: “I have to reserve some me time today.” Why is me time so important? Does it affect us in any way? Science has some valid points regarding me time and it seems that this is in fact, quite a big deal.

Me time will bring you many beautiful things if you only find some free time to unwind. It is very important to spend some time on your own. It is good for both your mental, emotional and physical health. So what are you waiting for?


We Need the Rest

Our bodies, brains and emotions need some time off. After all, we lead such hectic lives and we need small breaks on a daily basis. This is where me time comes into play. You unwind, you relax and you end up feeling better. Imagine if you don’t take a break. You won’t be able to function right anymore. You’d get mood swings, be easily irritated, less productive and less happy.

It Increases Focus and Productivity

When you take some me time for yourself, you rest your eyes, mind and body. After me time ends you get to be more focused and more productive than usual. You can easily achieve what you set your mind to.

The Burn Out Effect

People who disregard me time suffer from the burn out effect. This is extreme stress that we’re talking about. The kind that can lead to serious illnesses and even death. Would you risk your health just to get things done faster? Or would you rather take some breaks and get things done your own way? In your own rhythm? What is more important than health and happiness?

Introspection, Curiosity and Discovery

A lot of epiphanies happen when your mind is relaxed. Even during me time sessions. By clearing your mind of the chores and responsibilities you have to take care of, by relaxing the mind and giving your brain some time off you can easily tune in with your emotions and wishes. You can find out what dreams you want to pursue, what makes you happy, what you can change to enjoy a better lifestyle etc. Me time invites introspection, curiosity and discovery in and both doctors and psychologists say that this is a very healthy endeavor that you should integrate as part of a daily routine.

Problem Solving

As a direct result, your brain will get better at problem solving. Because you will have a different mindset. Because you will turn your back on stress and pressure. Because you will put yourself first. Because you value your health and happiness. Problem solving usually gets better with time when the person is relaxed and open to changes and thinks outside the box.

Privacy and Alone Time

Me time is often viewed as alone time. Which is true. Those who regularly spare some time to sit on their own and stare into space, do nothing and relax have happier relationships. Because the presence of your loved one 24/7 can be overwhelming. Because you both need time on your own and privacy. To have a healthy relationship and not fall prey to codependency and attachment. Independence when you are in a relationship is a sign of a great bond between the two of you.










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